A futuristic food scenario
exploring eating,
food cultures and science.

A place for Eating/Community/Innovation

A Place to EAT

Discover our food format and bring your own format on our POP-UP space


A coworking space for the worksumers, who will have a place to work and eat at the same time



A unique food format that celebrates a rich food legacy and combines it with a pinch of innovation. Tortellino offers gourmet pasta to go inspired by traditional Bolognese recipes.



Gudful is tasty and light, balance and energy. Bowls, soups, smoothies  and so much more. Gudful is happy and healthy.


Piatto del giorno
+ acqua + caffè

Stud. Unibo . . . € 5,85
Stud. Er.Go . . . € 5,40

Bowl Gudful (1 cereale, 3 verdure, 1 proteina)
+ acqua + caffè

Stud. Unibo . . . € 5,40
Stud. Er.Go . . . € 4,95



Food is Healing.
Food is Life.
In the Food Alchemist house science and cuisine coexist in symbiosis creating a new ecosystem. Nutraceutic properties from raw materials are enhanced through 3 techniques: fermentation, aroma water and tisanes; suggesting a circular economy model where the word “waste” is reinvented.

Considering Kitchen as the first human known example of makerspace and cooking recipes and the first example of open innovation we think that food makers will play a strategic role in the future kitchens.
In this lab you can play with food 3D printers, precision eating sensors, robots, AI and VR systems, and digital fabrication tools to explore and ideate game changing solution for the future of food

A lab dedicated to the farmer’s role in the cultivation of aromatic herbs, sprouts, and vegetables.
The lab will feature a rotating installation of technologies exploring indoor agricultural innovations and DIY solutions.

A space where the first link from the trophic network is grown by applying the most advanced and sustainable technologies.
The only aim: to feed the rest of the trophic network within the Scuderia’s ecosystem.



Research Thesis: “Food waste as a potential substrate for medicinal mushroom and its influence at the nutraceutical level”
This thesis pretends to draw new paths of knowledge around food waste as a new link that close Scuderia’s Ecosystem.


Research Thesis: “Living stone’s microbiota as a source of microorganisms responsible of food fermentation at Scuderia’s”
Considering that Scuderia’s cellar microbiota has been proliferating for 450 years, this thesis offers a particular identity (story-telling) to fermented products developed at Scuderia’s Ecosystem.

without data you’re just another person with an opinion

W. Edwards Deming


This project has the vision of enabling purpose driven organisations to assess global cities food identities in order to understand better the globally scattered markets and consequently optimise their specific food interventions. The ultimate goals is to enable individuals to make personal, informed, sustainable food choices, shift diets, enhance transparency, reduce loss and waste and accelerate the circular economy transaction.


A playground where different food waste recovery and valorization solutions will be tested and showcased.
A Circular Economy model developed inside Scuderia, involving startups and food waste experts, that will involve the university community, schools and citizens to learn how to give new value to waste.

Startup Showcase